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What is Check Car Data or Car Data Checks?

If you are planning to buy a used car, bike or commercial vehicle, it is absolutely essential to carry out a data check of the vehicle before you commit. Used car dealers will often offer you vehicles in apparently good condition at attractive prices, but the vehicle may well have had a dodgy past. And unless you do a though check of the vehicle’s background, you may be taking a big risk. It is an online record of all vehicles maintained and it is alwats advised that before making planning to buy any old or second hand car, you must check car data history for all possible details.

Check Car Data allows you to carry out a comprehensive check on the history of a used car. It allows you find out whether the car has an accident history, how many previous owners it has had or whether it was stolen. Choose from a number of Check Car data service providers such as AA Car Data Check, RAC Car Data Check, HPI Car Data Check and Experian to find out as much as possible about the used car you are planning to buy. Read our consumer reviews and testimonials to find out more about the services available and select a provider to best suit your needs.
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We can tell you if a car:

Is recorded with outstanding finance?

Finance companies have a legal interest in 1 in 4 vehicles in the UK If finance is secured against the car, the finance company has a legal interest in the car and may have the right to repossess it.

Is a write-off?

1 in 7 vehicles checked are classed as an insurance write off.

Is recorded as stolen?

about 160,000 vehicles a year are reported stolen

Has been clocked?

1 in 15 vehicles checked show a discrepancy in the recorded mileage.
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Be sure about the car you are buying with our Single AA Check Car Data. Only ...
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Be sure about the car you are buying with our Single AutoCheck. Only ...
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